Why ChatGPT Will Not Replace the Role of a Project Manager

Pm Majik
5 min readOct 28, 2023

Why ChatGPT Will Not Replace the Role of a Project Manager


Why ChatGPT Will Not Replace the Role of a Project Manager

ChatGPT is a great resource. Like all AI tools, however, it’s not designed to replace humans but to assist them in being more effective in their roles, responsibilities, and professional efforts. Understanding this, as well as the limits of AI, will help you better understand how to make the most of ChatGPT and other tools for your project management needs.

First and foremost, ChatGPT isn’t going to replace project managers because there needs to be a human to manage the process and put the AI to use in various ways. Someone has to input the prompts and create the output on the platform. It doesn’t just happen on its own.

Here are some other reasons you don’t have to worry about ChatGPT replacing you (or your project managers) anytime soon.

Projects Need Human Oversight

AI has come a long way, but it cannot replace human thinking, context, social awareness, and other unique nuances. All projects need some level of human interaction and oversight. Even if ChatGPT collects all the data, you still need someone to review it for accuracy and decide how to use it.

While AI can do a lot, it cannot replace your skills as a manager and overseer. It can assist you in those efforts, but your input and engagement are still required.

AI is Still New and Developing

Even the best AI tools are still being developed and perfected. There is a lot of progress out there, but there’s also a long way to go. Because of that, AI can make mistakes. In fact, it does all the time. For as many articles and videos you find on all the ways people are making ChatGPT showcase how useful it is, you’ll find just as many pointing out the flaws and potential issues people may face.

ChatGPT Hallucinates

Speaking of being new, let’s discuss a common issue with ChatGPT. You may have heard the term “hallucinating” when reading about this tool. Essentially, this means that because the AI extrapolates data from so many sources and often doesn’t fact-check, you could be getting made-up answers from the tool when you put it to use. That’s why all AI needs to be followed up with human investigation and confirmation and why it won’t take your job anytime soon.

You Can’t Replace Human Intuition and Empathy

Project managers need to be many things, but empathy is high on the list. AI tools cannot exhibit empathy and other human emotions. They also can’t use those emotions to engage stakeholders or clients or to help your teams get more done. That’s your role.

Make sure you’re using AI to help you manage your team more effectively, along with your projects, and you’ll do just fine. Your empathy and intuition are invaluable, so remember to keep leading your people as a person.

You Can Enhance Your Role and Improve Your Team’s Performance

Now that you can see that ChatGPT isn’t coming for your job, it’s time to think about all it can do for your teams and projects. A project manager’s job is to find the best tools to help the team. AI might be one of those tools, but it will be up to you to figure out how to use it most effectively.

If your team is worried about being replaced by AI, share this information with them. Discuss how you will be using ChatGPT and other AI tools, as well as the limits of what they can do. Then, you can make a collective decision on how to move forward.

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