Where to discover PMO jobs around the world — recruitment sites you need to know about

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PMO Job Search

Where to discover PMO jobs around the world — recruitment sites you need to know about

When you’ve got the skills, a job in a PMO can be a super rewarding job, both in financial and professional terms. Knowing where to find project management office (PMO) jobs around the world and which recruitment sites to look at will help accomplish this task.

You may be new to the world of project management, with your business administration degree and a few years in projects under your belt. It might be that you’ve been with your current company so long, the last job you applied for was from your local newspaper.

Whatever reason you find yourself looking for a PMO job, we’ve got the resources you need. With the advent of global recruitment and online recruitment agencies, there aren’t so many niche specific recruiters in many parts of the world. However, we’ve done some digging and have found:

  • PMO recruiter in the UK
  • USA job sites aimed at PMO staff
  • Recruitment agencies for PMOs in Singapore
  • Other sources to find jobs in PMOs

To help you start your PMO job search.

What are the big PMO recruitment agencies in the UK?

In the UK, you’ll find most jobs in PMO presented on the standard employment websites. If you’ve not used them recently, you’ll know someone who has or possibly see their adverts on TV. Some of the famous general recruitment sites in the UK advertising PMO roles include:

  • Reed
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Total Jobs

However, there are more specialised recruitment companies that it’s worth looking out for. These agencies will understand more about your skill sets and progression opportunities than generalised agencies.

Some recruitment agencies in the UK that are more PMO and project work focussed include:

  • Technojobs is a website for the tech industry in general, with lots of PMO opportunities
  • CW Jobs is another tech-based recruitment site that has PMO jobs available in the sector
  • Project Manager Jobs — as the name suggests, it’s laser-focused on project work, including PMOs
  • Arras People also specialise in project and programme management recruitment

Where do I look for PMO jobs in the USA?

The recruitment environment across the US is even more competitive, with few companies being dedicated to PMO and project recruitment. Most jobs go through the big recruitment sites such as:

  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • Ziprecruiter

And plenty more that will aggregate search results for you.

For a more specialist take on project management, you can look at these potential job sites for PMO work in the USA:

Where do I search for PMO jobs in Singapore and South East Asia?

Generally, you’ll have more success looking for jobs locally rather than regionally. That’s to say, target your search on a country like Malaysia, Thailand, or Singapore rather than looking at the region as a whole.

Singapore is a hub of tech, construction, and finance in the region and does have some, but not a lot of, specialised recruiters. Some that you look for during your search include:

  • Efinancial Careers is a hub of finance, banking, accounting and tech jobs in Singapore and globally
  • Kingsforce has a range of jobs across oil and gas, construction, pharmaceuticals, and services
  • BGC Group is a Singapore-based global executive recruitment company with PMO jobs listed

What other job sites can I use to search for jobs?

In the Middle East region, there are generally good jobs prospects but, as with SE Asia, it’s better to narrow your search down to a country. You can look at the following sites for some information, though:

  • Gulf Talent aggregates lots of high-level jobs from all over the region for you to start your search
  • Headhunters in Dubai is a database sorted by sector of headhunting companies so you can pick your industry and approach recruiters for Dubai

Other sources to find jobs include Twitter, by following people both in your industry and in your role to build a network, keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and open to offers whilst also making your network aware that you’re searching, and more recently through the dedicated Facebook jobs marketplace.

The take-home

Recruitment, like so many parts of our lives, is now primarily an online task. The internet is where to find PMO jobs around the world and these are the recruitment sites you need to know about to help find the role that works for you.

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