The PMO Value Ring: Establishing Your PMO Processes

Establishing PMO Services

The PMO Value Ring: Establishing Your PMO Processes

Being able to demonstrate the value of your project management office (PMO) will ensure it survives and thrives. Using the PMO Value Ring can be a helpful process to help show the value your office adds, and the third step is establishing your PMO processes.

  • How you go about establishing project processes
  • The outputs of the process
  • Why this is a vital step to demonstrate PMO value

How do I establish my PMO processes?

Establishing your PMO processes means you will know exactly what happens in your PMO’s projects. You will need to understand the following for each project, which will allow you to track and improve projects:

  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Responsibilities

Why is it important to establish your PMO processes?

When you have a set of established processes, you have benchmarks to refer to for the projects you manage. This means your projects will have clear goals, and you will be able to set KPIs around deadlines and compliance.

Establishing PMO processes in your Value Ring

As you work to demonstrate the value of your PMO, establishing your PMO processes will mean you know what is being done and what can be improved. You will have data points to track progress against.

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