Preventing Failure and Sustaining Your PMO

Preventing PMO failure

Preventing Failure and Sustaining Your PMO

Moving your project management office (PMO) from the start-up phase to a mature, business as usual model, is a big step. It’s a sign of enormous progress, but you still need to keep an eye on preventing failure when sustaining your PMO.

  • Why you need to care about PMO failure
  • The main causes of PMO failure
  • The signs that identify potential office failure
  • How to prevent failure in your PMO

Why is PMO failure important?

Data from 2010 suggested that most PMOs didn’t last more than two years. Offices tend to be set up to improve failing project performance or to manage a specific set of change-related projects, meaning longevity isn’t guaranteed.

Why do PMOs fail?

Understanding the main reasons PMOs fail is the first step to helping prevent it from happening as you move to sustain your office long-term.

What are the signs of PMO failure?

It’s important to know the warning signs of PMO failure so you can have a constant eye on them. We’ve covered these in more detail in a previous post, but here is a breakdown of what you should be looking for:

  • Stakeholders missing meetings
  • Reporting data not being delivered
  • Data not being used by management
  • Stakeholders missing review sessions
  • PMO team being excluded from meetings
  • Office size and budget being regularly challenged

How can I prevent PMO failure?

Looking at the reasons PMOs fail, there are some key takeaways to prevent your office befalling this fate.

Preventing PMO failure

Spending time contemplating your PMO’s failure is important if you want to avoid it and allow your office to become sustainable in the long term. Preventing failure and sustaining your PMO is a challenge that needs to be built into your future plans.

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