PMO Value Ring: Balancing Your PMO’s Mix of Services

Balancing PMO Services

PMO Value Ring: Balancing Your PMO’s Mix of Services

A project management office (PMO) needs to deliver value to the organisation that it works for. The framework of the PMO Value Ring can help, and the second step is to balance the mix of services your PMO offers.

  • What it means to balance your PMO’s mix of services
  • How you go about balancing the services
  • Why it is important to achieve a good balance of services

What is balancing a PMO’s mix of services?

The PMO Value Ring is a way to help you define and demonstrate the value your PMO adds. By balancing the mix of short-, medium-, and long-term value activities, you ensure your office is sustainable in the long term.

How do I balance the mix of services in my PMO?

The process of balancing the mix of services in your PMO starts with looking at all the services that your office provides. This is a process you’ll have already completed as the first step of this process.

Why do I need to balance my PMO’s service mix?

As well as doing valuable work, you need to preserve your PMO so you can continue to steer projects in the right direction. It is likely that your office will be called upon to justify its work, so you need to be able to demonstrate value.

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