PMO Tips #20: 5 Tips For Passing The PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam From PMI

Pm Majik
5 min readOct 16, 2023

PMO Tips #20: 5 Tips For Passing The PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam From PMI


PMO Tips #20: 5 Tips For Passing The PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam From PMI

The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is more demanding than the conventional professional exams. But that doesn’t mean it is not attainable when all the boxes are checked. Because of the sensitive nature of this exam, candidates must be extensive in their preparations and start many months before the actual date.

It’s also important to add that the PMP has been named the fastest-growing certification today, with a recorded 762,000 holders globally; hence, the competition is intense. With this in mind, prospective candidates need to take their exam preparation seriously. Below are 5 tips that can help you pass the PMP exam.

Top 5 Tips For Passing Project Management Professional Exam

1. Survey

Before starting the PMI study session, it is recommended that candidates first survey the materials they have planned to cover. Candidates must review the graphs and charts in their prep book. Most importantly, they must review the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). This will help them familiarise themselves with the topics they wish to study. By doing this, candidates will better understand where they will likely locate the exact topic in the book. Indulging with surveys like this helps them to arrange relevant information in their mind systematically.

2. Motivation

Candidates will need lots of motivation to pull this off, especially when there is so much tension surrounding the PMP exam. To start, candidates should go for the motivation that allows them to envision their grade. Psychologically, everything that happens around us is the product of the mind. So, with this in mind, committed candidates are recommended to keep themselves motivated by manifesting their anticipated score on PMP.

3. Make Some Research

Candidates can do this in many ways, but we recommend a method where they list the questions they need answers to: write them down. That way, their research can be direct and focus on a specific topic. This method will help them easily metamorphose from passive readers to avid researchers, which is also a decisive criterion for passing the PMP exam. This technique is also recommended in the PMBOK® Guide.

4. Disengage

Psychologically, an individual can easily remember the first and last thing they have done. It is recommended that they use this fact to their advantage by breaking their study sessions into smaller time frames. Let’s explain: if their total study session is four hours daily, we recommend they break it into 30–20 minutes each, with short breaks in between. By using the disengaging method, they will easily recall everything they have read.

5. Leverage The PMP Online Simulators

The PMP online stimulators are practice PMP online examination hosts. It tests applicants using questions similar to the ones they see during the real PMP examination. They are also designed to replicate the exact exam environment; this way, the PMP candidates can familiarise themselves with the exam environment thus, become psychologically ready for the actual exam.


There are other tips for passing the PMP exams, but the ones mentioned above are considered the most effective. It is also important to add that when candidates are done studying the PMBOK® Guide, their next priority will be to dive into the practical questions. It is recommended that they try out the PMP exam prep workshops.

The PMP exam prep workshops are a good choice for people who prefer to study in a conventional classroom or use the one-on-one interaction technique. Also note that the PMP exam includes 200 different multi-choice questions, including complex situation and situational questions.

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