PMO Best Practices: Embed the Business Strategy into Your PMO

Embed Business Strategy

PMO Best Practices: Embed the Business Strategy into Your PMO

Projects need to be delivered on time and on budget, but your project management office (PMO) needs to be thinking about more than just time and money. The last PMO best practice we’re looking at is embedding the business strategy into your office.

  • How different PMO types can embed business strategies
  • How to go about embedding the business’ strategy into projects
  • Why it’s important for your PMO to be strategically aligned

How can my PMO type work towards the business’ strategy?

There are a range of PMO types, the type that you operate will depend on factors like what the business is aiming for and the reason the PMO was needed in the first place.

  • A business-focussed PMO can make strategic decisions about which projects it commissions, ensuring every project the office runs aligns with the business goals.
  • A compliance PMO can monitor each project to ensure that the business strategy is being implemented along with the core project goals.
  • A directive PMO can ensure that the project managers it works with are aware of the business goals and direct them to deliver the goals along with the project end result.

4 steps to embedding the business strategy into your PMO

Step 1: Understand the business strategy

This may seem obvious, but you first need to know what the business goals, mission, and values are. A mature business should have these clearly laid out and have everyone in the business working towards them. A start-up may not have listed the goals and mission succinctly.

Step 2: Align projects to the values

Next, you need to evaluate all your current projects and ones in the pipeline to see how they currently align with the business goals. This is your chance to amend or adjust current projects so that they deliver what is needed.

Step 3: Build the strategy into KPIs

We’ve already looked at how having relevant KPIs is important for a PMO. That relevancy can be derived from matching with the business strategy.

Step 4: Report on strategic alignment

Make sure that when your PMO reports its results to the C-suite, you highlight the strategic relevance. This demonstrates a wider awareness of the business and makes sure the business leaders can see the value of your work.

Why is it important to embed business strategy into a PMO?

Your PMO doesn’t function in a vacuum — your office needs to deliver results that line up with what the business wants, and that isn’t all about profits. It’s a PMO best practice to embed the business strategy into projects to make sure you’re adding value where it is needed and supporting the future of the business.

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