PMO Best Practices: Build Internal Business Relationships

Internal-PMO Relationships

PMO Best Practices: Build Internal Business Relationships

Your project management office (PMO) will facilitate relationships between projects and stakeholders during a typical project lifecycle. It’s also essential for your office to build internal business relationships as a PMO best practice.

  • The difference between a stakeholder and an internal relationship
  • How to build relationships across the business you operate in
  • Why it’s important to have an internal network of relationships

Stakeholder vs internal relationships

Project stakeholders need to be involved in a project to make sure it can get delivered on time and on budget. Your PMO may work on those relationships or facilitate the project manager to build and maintain those relationships.

How can a PMO build internal business relationships?

If you’re new to your PMO role or the PMO itself is a new part of the business, you need to start networking early. The wider and stronger your network, the easier you’ll find it to navigate around the business.

Why are internal business relationships important to a PMO?

Projects can affect lots of business areas, so you need the relationships to make sure those effects are well-received. If your PMO is there to deliver an internal change agenda, you need to have people in your corner across the business, so change is easier for them to accept.

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