Overview of Project Initiation Document (PID)

Overview of Project Initiation Document (PID)

Over the next couple of posts I want to cover the topic of project initiation.

What is a PID?

The PID is a document (usually word processor but can be in spreadsheet or presentation form) that clearly articulates why a project is important.

  • Purpose of the project.
  • What the project should achieve (benefits).
  • Why the project is important.
  • Indication of timescales.
  • Potential risks and issues.
  • Roles, responsibilities and resource requirements.
  • Governance structure.
  • Budget.

Why is the PID used?

The PID is used to clearly explain the rationale for a project (the business case for doing the project). This allows for an informed decision to be made in respect of investment.

Why a PID is important?

  • It ensures that all stakeholders have the same understanding of what the project will deliver, over what time scale and budget — principle of “no surprises”.
  • It helps to align project spend to the strategic objectives of an organisation by only allowing projects that pass the review process progress.
  • It allows the project team to outline what they will deliver and how.
  • It provides the project team with the mandate to initiate the project.
  • It forms the contract between the project team and steering committee / sponsor.

What a PID should contain

The PID should typically contain the following:

  • Project definition
  • Project approach
  • Project business case / rationale
  • Budget requirement
  • Resource requirement
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Risks & issues
  • Project plan
  • Governance


Implementing a simple PID and supporting process will help control how projects are authorised. This should help ensure that only projects aligned to the organisations objectives are approved.

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