First 100 Days in a PMO: How to Earn Credibility for Your PMO

Building PMO Creditability

First 100 Days in a PMO: How to Earn Credibility for Your PMO

Getting stuck into a new project management office (PMO) role requires planning your initial actions for maximum impact. One of the first things you need to do in the first 100 days on your PMO is to earn credibility for your office.

  • Reasons you need to earn credibility for your PMO
  • How to assess the projects in your pipeline to achieve this
  • Revamping how projects reach your pipeline to align better with the business

Why do I need to earn credibility for my PMO in the first 100 days?

Walking into a new PMO, you don’t always know how the office has been perceived beforehand. Similarly, if you’re working to create a PMO in an organisation, you’ll feel like you have something to prove.

What steps should I take to earn credibility and assess the project pipeline?

You need to dedicate some resources to checking through all the projects that are waiting to kick off under your office. These are the easiest ones to put a halt to if you find issues since less money has likely been spent on it at this point.

  • Risk assessments — ensure they’ve been completed and cover all the different risk parameters. Does the project still align with the business risk appetite?
  • Budgets — ensure that both enough time and money have been allocated, and check that the headline data is accurate. Will the project give enough ROI to be viable?
  • Resource requirements — ensure there are the right people with the right skills are allocated to a project. Are you maximising the human resources across projects?

How can I earn credibility in the long-term for my PMO?

After you’ve had an overview of all the projects you’ve got coming through in the next few months, you should start to see how a project gets into your queue.

  • A clear process for stakeholder sign-off
  • More clarity on how projects in the pipeline are prioritised
  • Streamlining the people who need to give initial approval

The take-home

In the first 100 days of running your PMO, you need to establish credibility so that the office will survive and thrive into the future.

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