ESG in Your PMO: 5 Steps to Embed ESG into Your Projects

Embedding ESG in your projects

ESG in Your PMO: 5 Steps to Embed ESG into Your Projects

Your project management office (PMO) should be focussing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues as part of its strategy. There are proven reasons why ESG will benefit your office, so you need to follow our five steps to embed ESG into your projects.

1. Understand the wider corporate ESG priorities

You can expect most businesses nowadays to have an ESG statement and strategy. Indeed, you may be looking for information about ESG because your C-suite has begun to focus on it.

2. Adopt a sustainability or ESG checklist

Once you know what the business wants to focus on, you need to look at how ESG will affect the wider picture of your PMO. For this, you can adopt a high-level ESG Checklist.

3. Review all processes and procedures

After dealing with the big picture, you need to drill down into every element of a project to check ESG is understood and embedded. This will be a big piece of work but will pay off with long-term cost reductions and an improved business bottom line.

  • Risk management
  • Procurement
  • Scheduling
  • Decision-making
  • Time management
  • Stakeholder conversations

4. Review project and PMO KPIs for ESG considerations

Now you have projects fully aware of ESG goals and set up to work with them. The next step is to build-in accountability by looking at your project KPIs.

5. Set up regular ESG reporting

We’ve just touched on ESG reporting for the C-suite, but you need to make sure you get buy-in from the ground up. You need to plan to be talking about how changing processes and procedures to take ESG into account are impacting on projects.

Embedding ESG into projects

It’s important that ESG isn’t just a passing phase or buzzword used in your PMO for a few months before mobbing onto something new. By following our five steps to embedding ESG into projects, you will ensure long-term focus on the issues.

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