Changing Project Methodologies in a Post-COVID Hybrid PMO

Post Covid PMO Project Methodology

Changing Project Methodologies in a Post-COVID Hybrid PMO

A lot changed in the world of work during the COVID pandemic, and no doubt your PMO looks at least a little different to before. While it may seem daunting, have you considered changing project methodologies for your post-COVID hybrid PMO?

  • How the pandemic affected project methodologies
  • The lessons you can learn from changing project methodologies
  • How to hybridise your project methodology

How did the pandemic affect project methodologies?

Whichever industry you operate in, no doubt you experienced a huge shift in your way of working during the pandemic. Things that would have been different include:

  • Less planning at the early stages of projects due to tighter timelines
  • More adaptable roles due to increased absences
  • Reporting and data gathering being side-lined as less important with limited resources
  • Project governance and compliance are losing focus in favour of pushing out deliverables

What can a PMO learn from COVID changes to project methodology?

Two years after the changes wrought by the pandemic, you should have an idea if projects your office supervises were more or less successful based on their KPIs.

  • Streamlining processes that were skipped over without any overall detriment
  • Collecting different data to support the changing project landscape
  • Bring in different elements from different methodologies that worked

How to hybridise your PMO methodology

You’ve looked at what has and hasn’t worked during the changing and unpredictable times of the pandemic. Now it’s the time to be precious about your frameworks and carefully-crafted, step-by-step processes.

Project methodologies post-COVID

Now it seems we are emerging out of the other side of the pandemic; it’s time to take stock of what worked and what didn’t. Your office working style is likely moving to a hybrid remote/in-office model, and it’s also a chance to look at changing project methodologies in your post-COVID hybrid PMO.

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